Structure for bed platform built of brick, earthbag, covered in clay and lime. Under the platform is used for storage since there are no closets. Small shelves can be laid into interior walls as the house is constructed. 


The kitchen and living area are built in the same fashion. Built in structures with brick, earth bags and covered with clay and lime. 


The materials are minimal. It’s only labor and time. 

  • Counters are made with bricks that are covered in lime plaster that is polished on the tops with oil soap for a smooth non-permeating surface

  • Built-in smokeless wood stove connected to earth oven. Made from brick , covered in clay & lime.

  • One side has steel metal plate over the flame to hold pots. The other side has a grill. They are connected to a small clay oven that collects the heat from either side. Smoke pipe through roof.

  • Kitchen sink connected to well water using small solar pump, above ground pipes run through the back of the screened wall. Shower is built outside near this connection.

  • Kitchen sink is large utility sink also used for laundry.

  • Fridge is small connected to its own solar unit.

  • Shelves are made of brick & lumber, covered in lime 

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